Unified Shea Butter

Unified Shea Butter

A celebrated raw African butter that is a super food for hair and skin, packed full of vitamin E and anti-bacterial properties. Feel the softness on first application.

Hairline Boost

Hairline Boost

One of our popular secret formula with organic extra virgin olive oil and healing essential oils to moisturise and counter the build-up of sebum for the formation of new hair follicles.

Body & Hair Oil

Body & Hair Oil

A secret formula with extra virgin olive, coconut oil, shea and avocado butter to hydrate skin, lock moisture and diminish marks. When used on hair expect well conditioned tresses with hair growth that is out of the ordinary.

Whipped Butter

Whipped Butter

A top to toe fusion of whipped organic shea and avocado butters with coconut oil, fragranced with essential healing oils for hair and skin.

Why choose Eminence by Msi ?

No Preservatives

Our Products are made from all natural Organic Raw Shea & Avocado Butters and Coconut Oil.

No Alcohol

Our Products contain No added cosmetic alcohol such as ethyl alcohol.

No Chemicals

Our Products contain 0% Chemicals – Paraben & Sulphate Free.

No Perfumes

Our Products contain no added perfumes or colourants, we use all natural ingredients to give that all natural aroma

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